Monday, January 26, 2009

Continuing the Ride

This week we continue to follow the flock and their jouney to save Angel. Don't forget to check out the cool activities and links at

Take a moment to read this discussion question, and post your thoughts and comments below. Let us know what you think of the book and the characters.

Each of the six children in the Flock possesses a supernatural skill. How do these skills work together to make the Flock stronger? How does each child’s strength contribute to the Flock? What similar characteristics do all six children possess?


Anonymous said...

Max is our favorite character because she is strong, she is the leader, and she's like a mom to the other kids. Max and the others use their ability to fly to get to Angel faster. We are worried about Max because she got shot and cannot fly.

Anonymous said...

I like Angel because she is a sweet girl and she is also brave! I say she is brave because she gets kidnapped, gets shocked, and does not get enough food for the amount she eats! Max is also a good character.She has helped Angel , Fang ,Gasman, Iggy, and Nudge survive during the years Jeb was gone .

Anonymous said...

i really love angel because she think out side the box and i really want to be with her in her shoes . i want to say that she's a really kool person and they are together like a family.max and the other kids want to fly so that they could get angel because she got shot in the arm.max in the kids do not have food so they go and see if the could get alist one meal .!!!!!!"but" wait the went to a place that sound it like mac'donas cuz he wanted fries,applepie,hambugerand,excso alist the got food 4 them ang the kids so i really want to read more so that i could find out and see wat is ganna happen so read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

your never ganna find out how this

Anonymous said...

I like some of the parts but are boring.Most the of the time it is intersing.Hope they save angel.